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Venom – What to Expect


One of the most anticipated movies of the fall is the Marvel film: Venom. Those who are avid comic book fans have been craving a Venom film since the character first appeared in Spider-Man 3 a decade ago. Movie fans who love action and adventure films but have not yet had a chance to learn more about the symbiotic, complex character may wonder what they can expect from his upcoming film. Here are a few things you should anticipate seeing.


Any story arc in Marvel comics that focused on the symbiote was always aimed at older and more mature readers. This is in part because of Venom’s violent nature, but also because of the suspense surrounding Eddie Brock, Venom, and the way the symbiote takes over Brock’s body. Viewers can anticipate a suspenseful film; one where the main character is not only in conflict with everyone else, but also himself.

Amazing Stunts

Venom has pretty amazing superpowers, including super-strength, lightning fast reflexes, and rapid healing. Even if the film leaves out the symbiote’s connection with Spider-Man (therefore removing any wall-crawling or web-shooting abilities) it is sure to be filled with amazing stunts. The symbiote can even create weapons and change forms, all in the name of protecting its host. This is sure to lead to many heart-stopping action scenes.

An Unfamiliar Costume

One of the key characteristics of Venom is the symbiotic suit; a full-body suit that surrounds its host. Reports from the producers and the first trailer confirmed that the version of Venom seen in the film is very different. Instead of forming an all-encompassing suit, the symbiotic entity is going to be primarily manifested through CGI veins, tendrils, and weapons.

No Tom Holland Cameo

Sony is producing the Venom movie 2018, and so far, reports indicate that it is going to be kept separate and apart from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This makes a crossover with Spider-Man, currently played by Tom Holland, out of the question. In fact, producers of Venom have gone so far as to specifically say that Holland does not appear in the film and fans should not hold their breath waiting for any type of Spidey-themed crossover.

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