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    Private movie screenings for up to 10 Guests in (VA) or 20 (CT & NY). Guests can book an entire auditorium and choose from an impressive list of movie titles to see on the BIG screen.

  • Poster of The Thing (1982) The Thing (1982) Rated R

    The stage is set for havoc and terror when a 12-man research team finds an alien being that has fallen from the sky and has been buried for over 100,000 years.

  • Poster of Tenet Tenet Rated PG-13

    Tenet is an action epic evolving from the world of international espionage.

  • Poster of The Croods: A New Age The Croods: A New Age Rated PG

    The Croods have survived their fair share of dangers and disasters, from fanged prehistoric beasts to surviving the end of the world, but now they will face their biggest challenge of all: another fam...

  • Poster of Fatale Fatale Rated R

    After a wild one-night stand, Derrick, a successful sports agent, watches his perfect life slowly disappear when he discovers that the sexy and mysterious woman he risked everything for, is a determin...

  • Poster of Monster Hunter Monster Hunter Rated PG-13

    When an unexpected sandstorm transports Captain Artemis and her unit to a new world, the soldiers are shocked to discover that this hostile and unknown environment is home to enormous and terrifying m...

  • Poster of News of the World News of the World Rated PG-13

    Five years after the end of the Civil War, Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd moves from town to town as a non-fiction storyteller, sharing the news of presidents and queens, glorious feuds, devastating cata...

  • Poster of One Night in Miami One Night in Miami Rated R

    On one incredible night in 1964, four icons of sports, music, and activism gathered to celebrate one of the biggest upsets in boxing history.

  • Poster of Pinocchio Pinocchio Rated PG-13

    Shot in stunning Italian locations, Matteo Garrone's rich world of mystery and wonder stars Academy Award® winning actor Roberto Benigni as Geppetto, the old woodcarver whose puppet creation, Pinocch...

  • Poster of Promising Young Woman Promising Young Woman Rated R

    Everyone said Cassie (Carey Mulligan) was a promising young woman ... until a mysterious event abruptly derailed her future.

  • Poster of Wonder Woman 1984 Wonder Woman 1984 Rated PG-13

    Fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman's (Gal Gadot) next big screen adventure finds her facing an all-new foe: The Cheetah (Kristen Wiig).

  • Poster of Some Kind of Heaven Some Kind of Heaven Rated

    Filmmaker Lance Oppenheim cracks the manicured facade of The Villages -- a massive, self-contained retirement community located in Central Florida. Behind the gates of this utopia lie a small group of...

  • Poster of The White Tiger (Hindi) The White Tiger (Hindi) Rated R

    Balram Halwai (Adarsh Gourav) narrates his epic and darkly humorous rise from poor villager to successful entrepreneur in modern India.

  • Poster of American Skin American Skin Rated R

    After witnessing his son murdered by a white police officer who goes uncharged, Marine veteran Lincoln ‘Linc' Jefferson takes justice into his own hands in a series of events he hopes will finally l...

  • Poster of The Dig The Dig Rated PG-13

    As WWII looms, a wealthy widow hires an amateur archaeologist to excavate the burial mounds on her estate. When they make a historic discovery, the echoes of Britain's past resonate in the face of its...

  • Poster of The Emperor's New Groove The Emperor's New Groove Rated G

  • Poster of The Marksman The Marksman Rated PG-13

    A hardened Arizona rancher simply wants to be left alone as he tries to make a living on an isolated stretch of borderland. But everything changes when he witnesses 11-year-old migrant Miguel fleeing ...

  • Poster of MLK/FBI MLK/FBI Rated

    In this virtuosic documentary, award-winning editor and director Sam Pollard lays out a detailed account of the FBI surveillance that dogged Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s activism throughout the '50s ...

  • Poster of Brothers By Blood Brothers By Blood Rated R

    Eight-year-old Peter Flood helplessly watches on as his little sister is killed by a neighbor's reckless driving. Thirty years later, Peter still wrestles with the guilt he feels over his sister's dea...

  • Poster of No Man's Land No Man's Land Rated PG-13

    Border vigilante Bill Greer and his son Jackson are on patrol when Jackson accidentally kills a Mexican immigrant boy. Bill tries to take the blame but Texas Ranger Ramirez sees through the lie, spurr...

  • Poster of Our Friend Our Friend Rated R

    After receiving life-altering news, a couple find unexpected support from their best friend, who puts his own life on hold and moves into their family home, bringing an impact much greater and more pr...

  • Poster of PG: Psycho Goreman PG: Psycho Goreman Rated NR

    Siblings Mimi and Luke unwittingly resurrect an ancient alien overlord who was entombed on Earth millions of years ago after a failed attempt to destroy the universe. It isn't long before his reappear...

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    Private movie screenings for up to 10 Guests in (VA) or 20 (CT & NY). Guests can book an entire auditorium and choose from an impressive list of movie titles to see on the BIG screen.

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