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Thank you to all of our Bow Tie customers for sticking with us during this difficult time. Even with our theaters currently closed, we still strive to bring you the best cinematic experience possible. With that said, there is still a way to support your favorite local movie theater while enjoying a film at home! We look forward to the day when we can once again share movies like these with you on the big screen, but until then stay safe and healthy and we will see you again soon!  



Capital in the Twenty-First Century (NR)

Adapting one of the most groundbreaking and powerful books of our time, Capital in the 21st Century is an eye-opening journey through wealth and power, that breaks the popular assumption that the accumulation of capital runs hand in hand with social progress, shining a new light on the world around us and its growing inequalities. Traveling through time from the French Revolution and other huge global shifts, to world wars and through to the rise of new technologies today, the film assembles accessible pop-culture references coupled with interviews of some of the world's most influential experts delivering an insightful and empowering journey through the past and into our future.

May 1st - October 22ndBuy for $12.99; Screen for $4.99

At the age of 84, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has developed a breathtaking legal legacy while becoming an unexpected pop culture icon.

May 15th - October 22ndBuy for $6.99
In tribute to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life and unparalleled legacy upholding justice, net proceeds of your purchase will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Foundation in support of their Women’s Rights Project, which was co-founded by Ginsburg in 1972.
Sometimes Always Never (PG-13)

Alan is a stylish tailor with moves as sharp as his suits. He has spent years searching tirelessly for his missing son.. With a body to identify and his family torn apart, Alan must solve the mystery of an online player who he thinks could be his son.

June 12th - October 22ndScreen for $6
John Lewis: Good Trouble (PG)

Using interviews and rare archival footage, JOHN LEWIS: GOOD TROUBLE chronicles Lewis' 60-plus years of social activism and legislative action on civil rights, voting rights, gun control, health-care reform and immigration.

July 3rd - October 22ndScreen for $12
The Tobacconist (Der Trafikant) (NR)

Seventeen-year-old Franz journeys to Vienna to apprentice at a tobacco shop. There he meets Sigmund Freud (Bruno Ganz), a regular customer, and over time the two very different men form a singular friendship.

July 17th - October 22ndScreen for $12
Yes, God, Yes (R)

July 21st - October 22ndScreen for $6.99
The Big Ugly (R)

Neeyln has always been the loyal enforcer for crime boss Harris back in London. When Harris strikes a deal with an old friend American oilman Preston, they find themselves in the wild hills of West Virginia.

July 28th - October 22ndScreen for $6.99
What We Found (NR)

July 28th - October 22ndScreen for $9.99
Rebuilding Paradise (PG-13)

July 28th - October 22ndScreen for $12
The Fight (PG-13)

At this defining moment in American history, THE FIGHT follows a scrappy team of heroic ACLU lawyers in an electrifying battle over abortion rights, immigrant rights, LGBTQ rights and voting rights.

July 28th - October 22ndScreen for $12
Marley (PG-13)

Bob Marley's life story of the musician, revolutionary, and legend, from his early days to his rise to international superstardom. The film features rare footage, incredible performances and revelatory interviews with the people that knew him best.

July 28th - October 22ndScreen for $12
Out Stealing Horses (NR)

November 1999: 67-year-old Trond lives in self-imposed isolation and looks forward to welcoming in the new millennium alone. As winter arrives he meets one of his few neighbors, Lars, and realizes he knew him back in the summer of 1948.

August 6th - October 22ndScreen for $12
Creem: America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine (NR)

August 12th - October 22ndScreen for $4.99
The Bay of Silence (NR)

August 12th - October 22ndScreen for $6.99
Still Here (NR)

When twelve-year-old Monique Watson disappears from home, her father refuses to give up even as the media and police make little effort in solving the case. The assignment lands in the hands of journalist, who at first pursues a false lead, turning the entire case upside down.

August 22nd - October 22ndScreen for $12
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